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Let us help you feel at home

¡Welcome to Madrid!
Find what you are looking for before you arrive. We would help you f
ind a room and roommates by filling out our form. 

Renting in Madrid is NOT expensive, we take care of finding something that meets your expectations. There is no place for boredom in Madrid, we have thousands of plans to propose so that you always have something to do.

We look for the best for our community and besides having complete and modern apartments, we organize events and trips for you to enjoy the different cultures that Spain has. As we are locals we will always recommend you typical things to do and organize trips to the best parties around Spain: fallas, feria de abril, tomatina…

Youth Club Meeting


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We will find the perfect spot, we only need you to complete the following




We look for the best for our community.  We organize events and trips for you to enjoy the different cultures that Spain has.


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Tell us what you need to improve. A particular Spanish class, French class, maths class or statistics?


"I was given the destination of my studies 2 months before the start of my studies. I contacted FeelHome and within two weeks I had a wide range of homes to choose from in the areas I had requested. From that moment on, I started to enjoy all the other services. Their parties are brutal! Highly recommended".
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