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Concierto de música

Madrid is waiting for you! 

We have prepared the best plans for you to  get to know the city, parties so that you don't stop any day of the week and trips so that you can get to know more than just the capital.



Let’s find parties in Madrid!

Madrid never sleeps and neither should you, we propose you the best plans to go out partying in the capital.


There are too many clubs in Madrid, and you have come to know absolutely all of them, here you will find the best ones to have the time of your life, book your ticket in the one you like the most and... until the f*cking sun rises.


What to do in Madrid?

Don't know what to do in Madrid? Here we suggest the best plans to enjoy the city and get to know it. No more boring days, come out and get to know the city with us!

The best concerts, museums, activities, the most hidden places or the perfect places to have a drink are waiting for you.

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We’ll give you wings!

At FeelHome we love to show our friends the Spanish and European culture, so we organise and find cheap opportunities to get to know the best places and at the same time live unforgettable experiences with students of other nationalities.

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